Spring - Summer - Autumn

Trekking, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, horse riding, high ropes courses, summer tobogganing, zip-line, archery ...

Fragrant herbs and spring wildflowers

Get on a bike, cross a sea of flowers or discover the first spring flowers during a walk on the Talsweg or the Lottersteig, then cross the pink almond carpet in June over the alpine meadows around the valley.

Spring magic and desire to walk in all directions. What do you like doing? Getting out of bed early in the morning to go up to the alpine pasture with the farmer's wife or walking in search of herbs?

And when the summer comes ... this view is really wonderful!

The rich green in its many variants, the magnificent view of the valley towards the outside, as a film set, the Dolomites, we offer you a unique image to your eyes. Listen to the sounds of nature, breathe the fresh mountain air and let the babbling torrent tell you about the clear drops of water, the natural paradise of our unspoiled place, with its farms and warm inhabitants, the magnificent alpine landscape and the peaks that rise into the starry sky.

Colorful landscapes in autumn

Nature produces the most magnificent colors with its ultimate strength. The view of the mountains is infinitely large and clear. On our local mountain, the Hörneckele, you will experience a sunrise with its heady tones and then on Schäferalm you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. In autumn, the traditional cattle parade takes place. The beautifully decorated calves and cows are led by the pasture in the valley. In our village of St. Martin this is celebrated as part of the Casies fair on the first Saturday of October.

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Our family friendly farm

Our family friendly farm

Mudlerhof specialises in family farm holidays. Expect new adventures everyday and unforgettable experiences in all seasons.

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